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Here at Pak-A-Nut Storage, we strive to meet your storage needs by providing a convenient Self Service Automated 24-hour Kiosk and reliable customer support.

Dori E.

Thanks for the awesome storage unit these past months.

Stephanie C.

I appreciate everything from your company in the past few years.

Mary C.

It was very handy. Thank you,

Dick L.

It’s been a pleasure, and not a problem.

Melissa M.

I appreciate the good service and patience you have shown me.

Robert A.

I want to complement you on the cleanliness of your facility, it is always a pleasure to pull in and find the grounds and surroundings clean and well maintained.

William C.

Thank you very much for your professional service.

David B.

Ready for a new squirrel :).  Thanks.

Paul F.

Wrote the review, 5 stars!

Mike K.

Thank you for making this service available to me, as it allowed me to warehouse a significant amount of stock for my shop over the years. Thank you again

Eli B.

I wanted to inform you that I’ve enjoyed the services provided at Pak-A-Nut Storage

Kenny K.

Thanks for the awesome storage service!

Chris G.

Thanks for the great service. I will use you guys again!

Steve S.

It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Eric W S.

I have been very happy with your facility and look to be a satisfied customer in the future. Thank you one again

Kate M.

Thank you for being so professional and efficient in all our communications over the past year.  I will recommend you to others, as the opportunity arises.

Cameron H.

Thanks so much for providing excellent storage units. Cheers

Kaleb A.

Yes, thank you Pak-a-nut storage for the most pleasurable stay.

Suzanna W.

Thank you for your convinent location, ease of use, and friendly service. I will recommend you to our friends and use you again if needed.

Spencer I.

Thank you so much for all of your help and service over the last two months. I am very impressed with how well your facility is run.

Cynthia R.

Thank you for your service in renting to me a storage unit. Everything was satisfactory.

Bert and Barbara M.

Pak-a-Nut has been a great storage facility. Thank you. AND we do appreciate that you even discovered that we recently had locked our unit with the lever not placed correctly. Good oversight and service!

Sandra S.

Thank you for the clean and accessible storage unit.

Elaine (Danielle) K.

I would also like to add on a personal note, that I was very pleased with renting from you. I REALLY appreciated you meeting us there during the 4th of July holiday weekend when we didn’t lock the door right. Thank you very much

Greg R.

Thank you for the years of good service!

Anthony M.

Thank you, you have a great facility.

Olivia B.

Thank you  so much for your awesome units.. It’s been so easy, affordable and a blessing- I’ll definitely be recommending your facility to others!

David Benjamin M.

Thank you for your great customer service and the amazing storage available. If and when I need storage again I will be a customer again (:

Jason M.

Thank you for the opportunity to use your facility.  I will recommend you to others, and rent from you again in the future if i have need.

Bob Y.

Thanks for all!! I appreciate it- really helped me out!

Oby J.

We want to thank you for an excellent rental experience and wish you well in your future.

Benjamin S.

Thank you for the great location and opportunity to be a tenant at this storage facility.

Cindy R.

I have no complaints as you have been a joy to rent from.

Larry W.

Thank you for your service over the past few years.

Liam E.

I appreciate your help and your establishment and look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you.

Jamie C.

Thank you for a painfree storage experience!

Janis K.

Thank you! We will recommend your storage facilities to others.

Carole R.

Thank you! It was A very pleasurable experience. Easy and clean!

Chelsea B.

I have found a place of my own to keep all of my nuts. Thank you for your services.

Seth E.

Your facility was incredibly easy to use and I will definitely recommend to other folks around Bellingham. Thank you so much!

Stacie M.

Thank you for all your help and kindness over the years. It’s time for me to move South that is the only reason I am giving back the unit.

Michael M.

You have a wonderful facility and we\’ll recommend it and be back if we need a storage locker in the future. Thanks-Mac & Jess

Peter and Vivian V.

Thank you for the wonderful service and keeping our property safe.

Eric V.

Thank you and I will come to you guys if ever in need for a storage unit again.

Lauren B.

Thank you for being my first choice for storage, it is always a pleasure!



Dana O.

You have been great when we needed to store our belongings for our move, thank you! We will definitely use you in the future and will recommend you to our friends. Thanks again.

Valony L.

For the future or if I know who need storage for some extra day. I will highly recommend they should contact you first.

Lisa R.

Thank you so much, you’ve been great! We’re moving out of town. We will be sure to recommend you to our friends.

Sean G.

Thank you, I will recommend this self storage to family and friends. Nice clean facility

Stacie M.

Thank you!! And thank you for being so great to work with over all the years. You are #1 in customer service.

Robert T.

Thanks for renting the unit to us, it has been a pleasure storing our stuff there.

Brian R. W.

Thank you for the service. The unit served our needs quite well.

Kaylee H.

Thank you for all your help and kindness the past 3.5 years. I really truly do appriciate it!

Shelli N.

But I just wanted to let you know we were SUPER happy with Pak a nut! Your customer service is great, the price & convenience is the best! We will recommend to everyone!

Susan H.

Thanks again for the storage. I have appreciated how you created Pak-a-Nut–with cleanliness, lighting inside the storage, a high and peaked ceiling, and insulation.

Don B.

You folks saved my bacon back in the spring in the middle of the night with a flight out looming and plan A long since abandoned. Thanks so much. High marks.

Mike E.

We’ve found your storage facility to be clean, safe and well run.

Ginger D.

I’ve told everyone about your storage facility. I think your kiosk is cool, your place is safe, convenient, and clean, and your business model is amazing.

Andrew P.

Thank you for providing an awesome self service
storage facility, I had a great experience with it.

Chelsea B.

I will gladly do business with you in the future, if needed, and recommend you to my friends.  Thank you for letting me pak my nuts.

Lisa P.

Thank you for the service you guys provide. LOVE the automated system! Will always recommend to others with storage needs!

Jeff E.

Thank you for the convenient storage unit. If I find myself of ever needing storage again, Pakanut will be my first choice.

Bob S.

Thanks so much- you have a nice storage facility.

Michael P.

I appreciated doing business with you guys, and ill think of you again in the future! Thanks guys.

Tara M.

Thank you for all of your great customer service while I rented my unit from you.

Craig W.

It\’s been a great place to store our stuff.  Thanks for all your help.

Carly H.

We have enjoyed storing our items with you and will definitely call upon you for any future storage needs in Bellingham.

Bill W.

Thank you for providing a good, secure storage option. It was nice having a facility that we felt safe with and didn’t have to worry about our valuables being damaged or vandalized.

Shelley P.

It was so easy to rent there and if we should happen to have another garage mishap, we will be sure to bring it up there again.

Ian N. / Noah N.

We have been pleased with the convenience of Pak-a-Nut Storage and will continue to recommend it to others in the community.

Rachael S., on behalf of Daniel S.

Pak-a-Nut has been great to work with and we’d certainly consider renting again should the need ever arise, so thank you for good service.

Ralph N R.

Thank you for the time I did rent the unit, your company was one of the best storage facilities I have rented from. If I ever need a unit again, you will be the first facility I contact. I will be referring your facility to others.


David B.

Thank you for your services. Your facility was very convenient during our remodel.

Michael B.

– it’s been a pleasure storing with you!

Jason F.

Thank you very much for all your time and assistance.

Darcie O.

Your service was wonderful! Thanks again and i will see you next summer!

Craig J M.

The storage unit has been very accommodating since I have moved my items in and I would definitely recommend your service to others.

Travis M., Northwest Fishing Excursions Guide Service

I do appreciate your first rate facility when I was using it.

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